Our dogs

We are nothing without our great companions

Heavenly Revenges A Star Is Born

Majestic like his father

Eternal Love od Haliru

Energy everywere

Goaussie Stars-Above

Easygoing personified

Prayer for Healing av New thinking

Grace can get you anywhere

Taggdos Axel

The noble king

Baut That Base Nescaland

Details that catch the eye

Upon My Soul Carcassonne Tolugo

Tough girl

New Zealand Nelson
Du Chemin De La Belle Etoile

French Guy



  • Prayer for Healing av New thinking "Räva" Ξ Dragonora All that Majestic "Chase"


  • Eternal Love od Haliru "Prima" Ξ Goaussie Stars-Above "Bilbo"
  • Planned litter in late summer of 2018


  • Prayer for Healing av New thinking "Räva" Ξ Heavenly Revenges A Star is Born "Atlas"
  • All baut the Base "Bonnie" Ξ Goaussie Stars-Above "Bilbo"

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