Next litter is just born this summer and looking for new homes in the end of september 2022

Thinking of getting a puppy?

Wow look at these furrballs running around. But with all things alive, great responsibility awaits anyone who is thinking of welcoming a dog into their life. We take great care of finding the right home for our dogs and sometimes we even discourages getting an "Aussie" if you surroundings or lifestyles don't add up to the needs of the dog

"-Are we there yet!" ...put on repeat ...
is what I think the dogs are saying when we are getting close to the water

What are they like?

Active on the borderline of being crazy, if you channel their working mind into what you want them to do there is no limit on where they will take you.

Australian Shepherd

The go anywhere with a active view on life kind of breed. If you like to maintain an active lifestyle and wants a dog to keep up then you have probably found a breed that will outmatch you. 


Sure we can find the aussie in the bed and sofa just resting about But rest asure the dog is just getting ready for action.

For recreation we use our dogs for running, biking, iceskating, sometimes we even take them swimming. They are great fun in the stable.


We like to think so :-)

Family dogs

A herder by natural and will select your family to keep safe


As if you need another reason for getting one. The "aussie" comes in a variety of colors both solid and merle.

Working dogs

"Is there anything they can't do?"

No not what we can think of. We do obediecene training, bikejouring, canicross, tracking, nosework, herding

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